Friday, 29 June 2007


As the weekend is approaching, I thought I'd be kind and spare you my own work, so don't say I never fuckin' do nuthin' for ya, okay?? I own these pages from 100 Bullets number 68, drawn by the extraordinary Eduardo Risso. They're framed and infront of me as I type, serving to both inspire or frustrate depending on my own mood or output. I truly don't know how he manages to be so consistantly productive and inventive, and to think I'd never heard of the fella before working for DC/Vertigo. I gotta confess that fanboyness swayed my decision to buy the splash page of Lono. It's not my favourite by any stretch but the trigger word "Croatoa" employed to 'wake up' the Minutemen is only used so often. There are larger/better scans of the first two pages here (in the "issues" section, along with many more) coloured by Patricia Mulvihill, of whom I am a big fan.

Check out the time of this post, I'm hoping "COFFEE!" will be my "Croatoa".


Steve Buccellato said...

Me jealous! Nice pages, Simon! Risso is too good for his own good!

Simon said...

I know, it's annoying! Hopefully he'll have a lengthy fallow period after 100 Bullets wraps up.