Monday, 11 June 2007

Irritating description of work process

Here's a panel from the Paris prologue. I started by drawing the man and child at the bottom and worked my way up until the page was full, inking the parts as I went along. That's how I approached all of the splash pages in the book. This way it stayed interesting and meant I didn't haveta map it all out in one go, settle on character types, props and so on. It's not an aerial shot, the figures are just stacked on top of each other, sat at tilted table tops to imply a high view. The good thing about discarding perspective and proportion is that if you fuck up, you can say it was deliberate, and even give reasons why. Um, notice how Juliet is bigger than the other figures because she's the star of the book...? Clever, eh?

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Jonathan Edwards said...

Amazing. I've often wondered how you approach these. There's something really satisfying about just drawing until you fill a page.