Friday, 15 June 2007

Two Old Masters

I've been working on thumbnails and pencils for Vinyl Underground this week, but whilst Paris is still in the not-out-yet stage I might as well continue to post images from that. The first is incidental and acts as a chapter break, the second is a redrawn panel. The original version featured Juliet and Deborah meeting under Wtewael's 'Perseus and Andromeda' but I later received an email from writer Andi Watson entitled "Argh" and a link to Ingres' 'Roger Delivering Angelica'. It depicts the similar scene of an enchained woman being rescued from the clutches of a dragon, thus conveying the same metaphor, but is more in-keeping with the protagonist's mutual admiration of Ingres, whose works frequent the story. At first, I told Andi that I wasn't going to redraw it, but he flew into a wild rage, so in the end I relented. Well, his words were closer to "Only redraw it if you really want to, years from now. I was merely pointing the painting out", but his nice guy reputation is strong enough to withstand the odd tweak.

I can't tell you what a thrill it was to read his scripts. They were evocative and precise, his choice of facial expression was always the right one and his pacing was immaculate. It was alot easier for me to redraw existing paintings than do justice to the subtleties of his story-telling, let's put it that way. Hence this post.

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