Thursday, 12 July 2007

Love and Hake

I thought I'd post some grey images.
More from The Shadow Over Innsmouth. Even though there was a lot to cram into the 36 page adaptation, scripter Alex managed to pen some wordless sequences. I don't think it did my nib any favours, mind.
Obed Marsh, the Bluto/Haddock sailor dude below, appears in a few flashback panels. Originally I gave him tattooed knuckles that read "love" and "hake", but unlike here, it really wasn't the time or place for crap puns.


Dave Shelton said...

When is it ever not the time for crap puns?

(As I was saying only the other day at the crematorium).

Simon said...

Ha ha, hi there, Dave! Let's have your crematorium-based punnage then!

Simon said...

A book collection of Dave's crematorium puns will be released in time for xmas.