Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Stickin' it to The Man

Paulette from Paris, steadfastly refusing to sit in a chair. Chairs are for squares.


Alex Burrows said...

Yet another guaranteed lumbago case caused by bad posture. Parisian chiropractors are going to be coining it in. What's going on with all of these arched backs? They're beginning to look like cats. There's some weird metaphor at work here.

Jonathan Edwards said...

Lovely shapes. Is that drawn with a brush or is it a new nib?

Simon said...

Thanks, Jonathan! It's brush. My new nib was giving me the hump, so I switched. Using a brush is hard, not that your beautiful illustrations show that, mind you.

Alex, I'm sorry these pics are getting your back up/giving *you* the hump!

Will Kane said...

I particularly these last two drawings.

Just so's you know.