Friday, 19 October 2007

Paris drawings

Opening pages from the Paris book, which I believe is in stores next Wednesday, October 24th.

Ugh, and a thankfully never-to-be-seen image of one of the characters from it:


Steve Buccellato said...

Another beautiful Parisien landscape! What versatility! One day brutish barbarians--the next, it's "Mister sensitive!"

great work, as usual!

Unknown said...

Hi there, i'm a friend of naomi's - she is staying with us this weekend. we were just checking out your blog - bloody great drawings! I mentioned naomi in my latest post but won't let her read it until she gets back to london - she would be completely freaked out!

Simon said...

Many thanks, Steve!

Hi Elsie! She would have gone nuts! Last week she stood on a chair for an hour just because I did a 'stroking an invisible mouse' mime.

I banished myself to an invisible box to be even more irritating.

Alex Burrows said...

Amazon better stock Paris - I've got birthday vouchers to use up. It's on sale 29th Aug 2007 according to them. Duh.
So much for supporting your local comic store (mine closed this year).

Simon said...

I reckon you could get to Gosh! on Gt. Russell St. from Marylebone in your lunch break, AB! An excellent place to pick up some high end children's books for young Emily and Fred too.

And let's face it, you've eaten your sarnies by about 10.30am anyway!

Alex Burrows said...

Gosh don't take Amazon tokens. I can't afford it otherwise. All my money goes on flour these days.