Friday, 26 October 2007

The Pillage People

Paris is hopefully out next week, not this, as I incorrectly stated. Here's a panel from it. I'd like one of those hard boiled egg holders you see in French cafes. Infact I'd like two, the second would be ideal for displaying plums, lemons and other mid-sized fruits.
Staying with the continental theme, here are a couple of strips I've drawn for Metal Hammer, scripted by their managing editor, Alex. I don't know what Turisas sound like, but as you'll see, they dress as Vikings, complete with warpaint, swords, axes and so on. Not the most sensible group to parody, in retrospect.


Alex Burrows said...

I would have though 'Battle Metal' was self-explanatory. For your audio/visual pleasure, here's the Turisas cover of Boney's M's Ra Ra Rasputin.
But their own stuff is better.

Simon said...


Steve Buccellato said...


Simon said...

Maybe if I followed those links I'd know what you fine fellows are on about, but I can't... I won't!