Wednesday, 24 October 2007


A drawing for Portland's Floating World comic store. I'm intrigued by Portland, how come so many cartoonists live there? Anyway, they're organising an exhibition and comic in honour of Rom, or more specifically, the writer of that series and others, Bill Mantlo. The original drawing, as well as tributes by loads of other cartoonists far better than me, will be available to buy from Floating World and proceeds go to Bill and his bro. Details here.

I wanted the focus to be on Bill's writing rather than simply the visual nature of the character, hence this take on the final scene of the final issue.


Javier Hernandez said...

Hello Simon

I saw your ROM image in an email from Jason at FLOATING WORLD COMICS, so I followed the trail back here to your blog.

Great choice basing your pinup on the human side of Rom, as that was what Bill really was writing about (and kicking Dire Wraith ass!) Wonderful tribute piece. I'll be working on one myself! Can't pass up a chance to draw Rom and help out a great writer from my childhood years like Bill Mantlo!

The rest of your art was very nice to look at. I dig your style. We need more unique, individual cartoonists in comics!



Simon said...

Many thanks for taking the time to comment, Javier, I really appreciate your encouraging words.
Yeah, with this drawing I was kind of wanting to show that I read Bill's stories, if that makes sense. Plus, there's a lot of great artists doing this, I knew I couldn't compete with them!
Speaking of which, I'm looking forward to seeing your ROM!

Javier Hernandez said...

Thanks Simon. I can't wait to see everyone's contributions. Mine will be done over the coming weekend.

It would be nice to one day do one of these gallery/tributes for... The Human Fly!

Ian Lynam said...

ah, nice. rom was the raddest psyche-cosmic epic that tugged on my heartstrings as an adolescent. good stuff!

Simon said...

Ha ha, thanks, Ian, you legend!

Hope your picture went well, Javier. I can see why The Human Fly would appeal to you, wouldn't mind drawing him myself.