Monday, 25 February 2008


Here's my take on Picasso's numerous portraits of Sylvette David, with my apologies to both - it's only for fun. It wasn't supposed to be her at first - having drawn the face, figure and clothes I was just stuck for "good hair" and her famous ponytail popped into my head. From there I felt I should add some Picasso-esque ceramics given that they met in Vallauris, the lovely town in which he made his pottery. Sylvette is an artist herself.

Although the inspiring commercial illustrators of the mid 20th Century borrowed much from Picasso, I think the influence for this was also some Kaffe Fawcett paintings I saw in an exhibition a couple of weeks ago, here in Bath. I liked his still lifes of decorative china - like this one - more than the china itself, also displayed.

Also: check out Ryan Kelly's blog. He's awesome and I'm honoured and lucky that we're sharing art duties on Vinyl Underground. I haven't seen the fruits of his labour yet but will be sure to post some. I eagerly await The New York Four, the fourth-coming Minx book he's drawn too.

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