Monday, 3 March 2008

Cider country

Ink wash and Tipp-ex. I regretted adding the latter but couldn't apple-z.


Alex Burrows said...

Lovely view from Camden Row. Can I buy it?

Anonymous said...

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Richard said...

Simon, have no idea whether you'll see this in time or not, but I'm doing a review of Paris for the FPI blog and am short a couple of images. Page 68, page 106.
It's a bloody cheek I know, but you don't have a scan of these do you?
I've grabbed others from hither and thon but these are directly referenced in the review.


Steve Buccellato said...

Where has Simon gone?

Maks said...

Hi, Simon!

it's max from moscow here

How are you?

Excuse me for so big delay, I'd like to write, that I was too busy to do a zine, but it's not true.. well, maybe I was busy, but most of the time I was sitting in my room or walking in the city and thinking about what's going on and what I must do change my fuckin' life.. however our zine is finally out, it containts 120 pages, because we do it during the whole last year and your interview is allready in russian, but it will be only in the second issue, which is also almost ready, because we had circa 200 pages of stuff but could not put everything in one issue - it could be too expensive to print 100 issues with 200 pages in every zine.. here you can watch the cover of

again 25 #1

So, I'd like to send to you a copy of our new issue + some older stuff+some music to thank you for your answers and stuff you've sent to me.. I don't remember if I wrote it to you, but all the zines, a book and Subhumans album were awsome!! really!! When the zine with your interview will be ready, you also get it, be sure (if you don't mind, of course)..

Could you please send me your addres, because the title on your parcell is quite strange (or maybe I don't understand it) , so




Is it right?

I hope, you are fine, please, take care and write back!

One more time - excuse me for delay.. I'm a lazy fucker..

All the best!


Maks said...

P.s. i wrote to you on, but the post system says, that this address does not working, so i have to comment here..

Simon said...

Max - many congratulations on getting your zine out! Try that email address again, I have been having problems with it but it should work.

Steve! I've been in Paris, London and Cornwall! But mainly working. I'll get back on track with this blogging game...

Ian Lynam said...

Si, this one's a beauty!

Maks said...

Hi, Simon!

Haven't you received my letter i've sent to you some weeks ago?

all the best