Wednesday, 23 April 2008


Speaking of Graphic Classics, here's a panel from The Shadow Over Innsmouth, published in their Lovecraft volume...
... and a few from The Adventure of The Engineer's Thumb, published in their Conan Doyle book.
The very day before I started drawing this strip I happened to walk past a shop window displaying a book of Victorian photos chronicling all the Sherlock Holmes locations in and around London. It felt serendipitous until I realised this particular story was one of the few to take place in a fictitious location. Grr. It did enable me to name one of the villages on the map after the original Holmes illustrator though. If you follow Sidney Paget's Wiki link it's pretty amusing to see how he first got the gig!
Anyway, I was thinking that there are numerous parallels between this yarn and Hergé's The Black Island. Both feature a murderous and mysterious German dude residing in a mansion in the Southern English countryside, a mansion that proves rather tricky to leave but that ends up burning down, both are engaged in counterfeiting, both...