Tuesday, 17 June 2008


This is more how he should look. I felt the previous drawing made him look a little too macho for a cider-fuelled raging state-smashing anarcho-terrorist punk rocker.
Speaking of which, why don't you show society you intend to play by your rules this Summer? Purchasing one of the following t-shirts will demonstrate that you don't follow popular trends.
Both the Vapid and Beatnik designs come in men's sizes S, M, L & XL and in women's sizes M, L & XL and cost:

£10 postpaid in the UK
€18 postpaid in Europe
$24 postpaid to anywhere else.

Should you like one I accept PayPal, the email address is in my profile.


Isaac Lenkiewicz said...

that is a lovely subvert man, man.

Ryan Kelly said...

But the other one looks more like the guys from "Mad Max:Road Warrior" so I'll go with the first one.

And, I need shirts. So I might be filling up your Paypalwhen I get the chance. (I only wish the US Dollar exchange wasn't so lousy!).