Sunday, 26 October 2008


I'm doing a bit of work with a fine publishing company based in New York's Flatiron building. I love this building so am fascinated by their location! Anyway, I'm afraid I'm using this as an excuse to post another Paris page. Hmm, and I guess I'm using that as an excuse to say that I sell these pages, so, should anyone be interested, do drop me a line for details (or perhaps to poke fun at my timing). Art size sometimes varies slightly but is approx. 21x31cms or a little less. It's Indian ink on cartridge paper. The above page is sold, incidentally.


Jonathan Edwards said...

"The above page is sold". That's it, tease us and then drop that in at the end. Very nice, obviously.

Unknown said...

That page is just so damn lovely.

Mike Hawthorne said...

Beautifully done, Simon!


Simon said...

Thanks, guys.

That wasn't my intention, J, honestly!