Monday, 25 May 2009

Serge Gainsbourg

Drew this for a new blog started by Jonathan Edwards cryptically titled Draw Serge!
He's posted some awesome pics already and unless you don't want to draw Serge, you should consider contributing yourself!


Mark Kardwell said...

Your Serge looks far too handsome and dashing. In fact, it looks more like... you!

Unknown said...

Lovely piece, Simon. I was wondering where you'd got to, nice to see you haven't disappeared!

Simon said...

Hey, thanks, Faz. Your contrib is lovely, as one would expect.

Mark - I dunno, maybe it's the hair in that photo. Trouble is I ain't got that barnet anymore. So all I'm left with is a drawing of Serge that doesn't look like Serge!

Jonathan Edwards said...

What is your hair like now? Perm? Mohican?

Thanks for a great contribution.

Simon said...

The pleasure was mine, J.

It's generally less flexible.