Tuesday, 4 August 2009


Sketches from a trip to the Greek island of Meganissi. Disappointed I didn't draw (much) more - I got into it when it was almost time to leave. I'll have to have a word with myself or go for two weeks next time.

I was trying out a Rotring 'art pen' for the first time and whilst the nib itself is passé, I had fun making a mess with it's non-waterproof ink.


Unknown said...

These are great, Simon. Really like the 'feel' of the second one and yes, it's a shame there aren't more but hey, a holiday is a holiday after all.

Jonathan Edwards said...

Beautiful. Have you used white ink too?

Simon said...

Hey, that's much appreciated, guys. It's one of those trusty Pentel Micro Correct pens, Jontofski.

Mike Hawthorne said...

He, I just got back form Greece myself! This looks great!

HEY, Jon's talking about Dark Rain online and your art on it looks amazing!!


You've outdone your self, bro!


Simon said...

Thanks, Mike, that means a lot. It's a pretty special story I've gotta try to do justice to - daunting!

You've made amends for being in Greece for 2 months versus my 1 week ;)

Mike Hawthorne said...

HA! ;)