Thursday, 12 November 2009

NOLA Illustration

Pencils:Initial doodle:I've just returned from a trip to New Orleans where I was photographing locations for Dark Rain and hooking up with the books' author, Mat Johnson. A fine and talented man.

It's of course a varied and complex city, but I think the bright and playful colours of many of it's homes sum it up best for me. This sense of joie de vivre - as well as the true kindness I was shown there - makes knowing what it's residents went through in the aftermath of Katrina all the more appalling and incomprehensible. I highly recommend you visit if you haven't already, it's a special place.

Anyway, I'll have to get some photos up and waffle more, but in the meantime I hope you like this picture, it was fun to draw.


Jonathan Edwards said...

Brilliant, as always, SG! Glad you had a good time. Always nice to escape the UK winter for a while.

Unknown said...

Really nice work, Si. Sounds like you had a fascinating time. Look forward to seeing more of this!

Steve Buccellato said...

It's a gorgeous drawing, Simon.
Well done, sir!

Simon said...

Thanks guys, I really appreciate it.

There'll be more in Dark Rain, Faz, but in unhappier times of course, so I'll try to draw a more picturesque view every now and then.