Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Various character designs

Here are a few of the preliminary drawings I did before setting to work on Northlanders.
Here are some samples from about a year ago. I won't be drawing the book in question but I hope it got off the ground anyway.
These are from last week:Lastly, Charles Hatfield of The Panelists writes about my work here. My thanks to Charles, it's a real honour!


Marc Arsenault said...

Someone did a comic of The Sweeney?

Kumar Sivasubramanian said...

Beautiful stuff! It's unbelievable how fast your work is evolving!

How many issues of Northlanders are you doing anyway? The second one seemed to be a "To Be Continued".

Simon said...

You're a good man, Kumar :) I drew three issues (not enough as far as I'm concerned!). The storyline wraps up in issue 39, available tomorrow.

Marc... interesting. I was actually going for a Hannah Montana meets Oliver Twist vibe there... Oh well.

Jon said...

Hi Simon,

I was just wondering if you were going to post up anymore of your pre-lim or sketch art from your run on Northlanders? I really, really enjoyed your work, in my top 3 artists who worked on that book :)

Plus I really enjoyed your take on armour of the time, and I wanna model some of the characters in 3D, Egil was a favourite character of mine and that huge dude with the hammer who smashed into the tower in book 3.

Simon said...

Great to hear from you, Jon. Really pleased you appreciated my work on this run - loved drawing all that armour and weaponry!

I don't have that much more prelim stuff to show, to be honest. I posted a fair bit of B+W art, which you may or may not have seen.

Very intrigued by the idea of them rendered in 3D - please do keep me posted if it happens :)