Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Recent superhero drawings

Subvertman, Arnie the Anarchist and Anti-State Tortoise!

Also: a reminder that should you be interested, I'm selling original artwork from 'Paris' and t-shirts here. Update: Batman & Batgirl art also for sale.


Isaac Lenkiewicz said...

Brilliant :)

Your lines conjure up an image of you grabbing a fence post, carving the end into a chisel tip and dipping it in a tar pit. What I mean to say is; they're very cool.

(that sounds like i think they're clumsy too, but they definately are not)

Steve Buccellato said...

I see the poor economy has effected even Bruce Wayne. Shameful!

Simon said...

Nah, Steve, he's dressing down to preserve his anonymity! That or Subvertman took his wealth and redistributed it.

I love that, Isaac! You're not far off.

Kevin Freeman said...

I just discovered your work through reading the Paris GN, and all I can say is "wow!"--how had I missed that book?

You've got a new fan, and I hope we can cross paths at a convention some time. I'm now rummaging through things to find more of you work, and may very well order a page from Paris if you ship to the states.


Simon said...

Kevin, I much appreciate your comment. Thank you! I'm pleased to hear you enjoyed 'Paris', it's certainly a project close to my heart.

I do indeed ship to the States.