Thursday 28 July 2011

Crete sketches


Mikal Dyas said...

They are all superb but the last one is especially good. I would say its a shame they belong purely in your sketchbooks but then that aspect adds to the appeal.

For these pictures do you have a 1 to 1 strike rate or do you ever give up on a picture?

I recently went back to using sketchbooks but edit them quite a bit now so have 1 main book which I paste sections of others into so I don't have to be reminded of the stuff I don't like. Kind of defeats the object but otherwise I won't use them. Control freak!

I dug out a book of an exhibition I saw in France a few years ago of a 19th/20th century artist who concentrated on prints but their Japanese influence (similar to Vanm Gogh's) mean the style is very graphic novel like and contemporary. Will try and send you the link. They are gently pastoral scenes but this graphic / contempaorary aspect should click with you.

Great stuff!

Simon said...

Thanks, Mikal. It's a bit of a dilemma having them back-to-back (and spread over 2 pages) to be honest, but I think it serves to free me up more than if I had a nice new sheet of water colour paper in front of me.

I complete most of them. I'm often disappointed though - pretty much every time I fail to get in all the stuff I intended to.

I relate to your sketchbook issues! These are taking longer and longer.

Please do send that link!

Steve Buccellato said...

Damn, these are wonderful.

Simon said...

Thanks, Bucce!

Mikal Dyas said...

Between putting some fibre glass insulation into plastic bags I found the book. Henri Riviere was the guy. (March 11, 1864 – August 24, 1951).

Interested to read that he was inspired by Hokusai to do 36 views of the Eiffel Tower and the few examples I have looked at certainly have that graphic novel look.

Here is a good selection with the thumbnails linking to bigger versions. The woodcut in this page has similarities to your Crete images although yours are better.

This is another good selection.


Simon said...

Absolutely love his work, Mikal! Thanks!
All of his Tour Eiffel images here

Mike Hawthorne said...

Christ, Simon, these are lovely! Amazing!


Simon said...

That's very good of you to say, Mike, thanks!

peaeyedubya said...

These sketches are amazing.

Pete Jones said...

Oh my goodness Si, these are so unbelieveably beautiful! You MUST go to a gallery or two and get an exhibition of your work. I have no doubt they would command a high price and go like hot cakes!

Simon said...

Ha ha ha, thanks, Pete. Wouldn't mind sketching Jersey at some point... :)

Pete Jones said...

You would be very welcome!