Sunday 3 February 2019

Burning Sky

Here's some artwork for Burning Sky Brewery. An illustration for their newly opened shop:
Four A2 print designs (available to buy here):
And a picture to mark the brewery's 5th Birthday:


Caliu said...

I lived rue Vilin, in Paris, many, many years ago. My house was n°45; on your drawing, it is the last on the left (the high one, with the inscription BYRRH on the side. I lived on the first floor. Your drawing is dated 2018. Obviously you have used a photograph. The whole district disappeared in the 70s of the previous century, when the "Parc de Belleville " was created. I'd like so much to see that photograph. Thank you in advance if you can provide a copy.

Bernard Cassaigne
cf on my blog "Accents":

Simon Gane said...

Thanks for getting in touch, Bernard - I've just sent you an email!

MS Mehmood said...

Nice work Bawa G keep it up.

J.M. Martin said...

Incredibly good. I love seeing the various versions of your work in its stages. The artwork of the Rue Vilin is fucking magnificent. I zoomed in on it and got lost.